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  • What Materials Do You Offer for Labels?

    What Materials Do You Offer for Labels?

    The flowlling different various of labels can be found in our factory: Direct thermal labels Thermal transfer labels Writable labels Kraft labels Synthetic labels PET labels BOPP labels PE labels PVC labels RFID labels Metal labels Fabric labels  
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  • How to choose A4 paper

    How to choose A4 paper

    A4 paper suitable for printers is usually thicker, and some printers have special A4 paper. So you should carefully read the printer’s instruction manual before buying A4 paper. There are many thicknesses of A4 paper, such as 70gsm,80gsm and 100gsm. The thicker the thick...
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  • Medical wristband

    Medical wristband

    The medical alert identification wristband is a unique identification worn on the patient's wrist, which is used to identify the patient and is distinguished by different colors. It has the patient's name, gender, age, department, ward, bed number and other information. ...
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  • QR code label

    QR code label

    QR codes encode large amounts of information using less space than traditional barcodes. Users can save on consumables such as labels or ink. Additionally, it is suitable for very small products or round surfaces where other barcodes reach their maximum size. Advantages ...
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  • Digital printing has become a trend

    Digital printing has become a trend

    The demand for packaging printing continues to increase, and the transaction volume of the packaging printing market is expected to reach 500 billion US dollars in 2028. The food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the personal care industry have a great demand fo...
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  • Upcoming cooperation

    Upcoming cooperation

    The company is about to partner with Starbucks.Provide Starbucks with premium cash register paper and labels. The labels used by Starbucks are thermal labels.Why use thermal labels?Because thermal labels do not require the use of barcode ribbons.It is very convenient and...
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  • Shampoo label knowledge

    Shampoo label knowledge

    Shampoo bottle labeling is an important process to convey product information to consumers. The label on the shampoo bottle provides information about the hair type the shampoo is suitable for, the amount of product in the bottle, expiration date and ingredient list. Wh...
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  • New factory

    New factory

    In order to expand production capacity. Our company is expanding the factory. The new factory covers an area of 6000㎡. The new factory is sweeping the ground, expected to start production in April. The new office is still under construction and expected to be completed ...
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  • Label manufacturers with experience and expertise

    Label manufacturers with experience and expertise

    Industrial label While other companies may worry about the aesthetics of their labels,you know that well-placed labels can reduce accidents,keep consumers safe and ensure your company complies with health and safety regulations. However,if a well-placed label is peeling,...
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  • Food and beverage sector holds significant market share

    Food and beverage sector holds significant market share

    In recent years, with the continuous increase in the number of start-ups , the production of different products, and people’s demand increase for food and beverages, the packaging and printing industry has become a lot industry. ...
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  • Carbonless paper damage health?

    Carbonless paper damage health?

    Carbonless copy paper is used as business stationery that requires one or more original copies, such as invoices and receipts.The copies were often paper of different colors. Most people think that carbonless copy paper will affect human health.PCB(polychlorinated biphe...
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  • Carbonless  Paper

    Carbonless Paper

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