How to choose A4 paper

A4 paper suitable for printers is usually thicker, and some printers have special A4 paper. So you should carefully read the printer’s instruction manual before buying A4 paper.

There are many thicknesses of A4 paper, such as 70gsm,80gsm and 100gsm. The thicker the thickness, the higher the price. Usually we choose 70gsm or 80gsm. Cheap and easy to buy. Inferior A4 paper is generally thinner.

There are generally two colors of A4 paper in the market. Bleached white, the color is white, clean and bright; original color, the color is beige, which is good for protecting eyesight.


The raw materials of A4 paper are 100% wood pulp paper and wood pulp & straw pulp paper, the performance of the former is better than the latter. A4 paper made of 100% wood pulp paper can be stored for a long time without harming human healthy.

Post time: Apr-28-2023