Carbonless paper damage health?

Carbonless copy paper is used as business stationery that requires one or more original copies, such as invoices and receipts.The copies were often paper of different colors.


Most people think that carbonless copy paper will affect human health.PCB(polychlorinated biphenyl) in carbonless paper were banned in the 1970s due to health concerns.A survey shows that carbonless paper produced after 2000 will not cause adverse reactions to the human body.Because the rapid development of the industry,the carbonless paper produced is more environmentally friendly and healthier.
Generally, poor-quality carbonless paper contains a lat of BPA,BPA can damge your health.Now,high-quality carbonless paper is BPA free.With the increasing availability of inexpensive inkjet and laser printers,the use of carbonless multipart forms has decreased in businesses because it is simpler to make copies of documents.


Our factory has many years of experience in carbonless paper production. And carbonless paper does not contain BPA and PCB.Our factory always adheres to environmental protection and health.

Post time: Mar-27-2023